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More Helpful Mindful Eating Tips

★A Nice presentation goes a long way! Take the time to set up our plate so it looks nice. Break out the good china every once in awhile, or shape the vegetables on your salad into a smiley face!

★Only serve as much as you need. 54% of Americans aim to eat everything on their plate. If you serve yourself more than you need, you are more likely to consume extra food!

★NEVER eat out of the box or bag. This is a key problem of mindless eating which we want to avoid. It keeps us from really seeing the food we are eating which means we cannot appreciate the colors, textures, and smells the same way. It also leads us to disregard the amount of food we are consuming.

★Feel good about your eating. Mindful eating allows us to appreciate the foods we consume, but also appreciate ourselves for making good choices!

★Eat foods you like.  Healthy does not always = bland and tasteless. Choose a few healthy foods you enjoy and find ways to mix them up!

★Cook at home! Preparing your own food allows you to have control of the ingredients and quantity of food. It allows allows you to appreciate all the hard work that goes into a good meal as well as the different colors, textures, and smells which are created throughout the cooking process! 

Most importantly… it is about practice - not perfection! Do what you can and feel good about your effort! Just continue practicing at whatever level you can, even if that is only a few mindful bites with each meal.