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Why is it Important to Eat Mindfully?

“Hunger” is our body’s way of telling us it is in need of nutrition. Hunger is not a comfortable feeling!  This discomfort leads many of us to over-eat in order to rid ourselves of it as quickly as possible. The problem is - all this does is exchange one feeling of discomfort (hunger) for another (fullness).

The goal of eating is to provide our bodies with adequate nutrition to alleviate the feeling of hunger… no more, no less… that way we feel physically better AFTER a meal than we did before it!  

Eating mindfully is NOT a weight loss program. However, when we eat mindfully we eliminate the foods and habits that are responsible for causing obesity in addition to many other health problems including high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

“When you eat food, you eat the values that come with it. So if you’re eating fast food, you’re eating fast, cheap, and easy, and if you’re eating slow food, you’re eating a whole other set of values”.- Chef Alice Waters

Mindful eating helps us to choose the right foods in the right quantities while still enjoying the experience of eating! It let’s you get the biggest bang for your bite!