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Fall Offerings 2014

  • Weight Control thru the Fall
    • 6 part series will create a space for you to focus on self-care as the light changes
    • What you will receive:
      • 1 course meal prepared by our staff so you do not need to eat before coming
      • In class education and mindful based exercises to bolster behavior maintenance or change (these are not physical exercises)
      • Weekly weigh in, mid-week email, individualized goal setting and accountability check in
      • To sign up go to:

  • Batch Cooking: Meals that Keep on Giving
    • Cook once & eat twice
    • Eating well can happen with more ease by planning and cooking ahead
    • You will learn how to make meals that can be reheated or turned into another delight
  • Knife Skills 101
    • Cooking can be a joy when you have the comfort with using a good knife
    • Bring your knife or use one provided
    • Learn how to buy a good knife without spending lots of money
    • Practice new skills and snack on your creation
  • Cooking with The Kids
    • Designed for families who want to be eating more healthfully and come together in the process
    • Parents and children will work side by side on a part of 3-4 course meal. Children will be given age appropriate tasks determined by parents and teacher.
  • Cooking for More Energy
    • Tired of feeling tired after meals. It could be what or how much you are eating.
    • Join in and learn how to craft meals that energize you 
  • Work Party Gourmet
    • Holidays bring the pot lucks to our work days. These can be enjoyable but leave us feeling sluggish.
    • This class is designed to show you how to clean up old favorites or learn some new recipes to keep the season light. 
  • Skillet Cooking
    • The skillet is versatile and can be used in as a one pot meal maker
    • Bring your skillet or use one on hand for this creative use of one tool
    • You will have a partner or two to work with

How to sign up:

  • Go to
  • Use email: to find classes
  • Classes are always being added check the listings often
  • Bring a friend and share the fun in learning 

If you have questions, please email Jennifer Fournier RD directly