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  • melody-trial-blog.jpg

    Updates about the Melody Trial

    We are sharing another update on our progress with the MELODY Trial: Modulating Early Life Microbiome through Dietary Intervention in Crohn's Disease. We have now enrolled 91 women in the trial, and 68 of their babies have been born. We have collected over 900 samples so far.

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  • gut-and-pregnancy-fb.jpg

    The Correlation between Pregnancy and the Gut

    Infants who are exposed to an unhealthy mother’s diet during pregnancy and have poor childhood nutrition are faced with lean defective intestinal microbiota. This leads to a dysregulation of genes involved in lipid and glucose metabolism.

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  • the-melody-trial.jpg

    Learn How to Enhance Baby's Immune System While Pregnant With Crohn's

    How non-invasive diet intervention during the third trimester of pregnancy can shift bacterial flora of the body, in patients with Crohn's disease and in their babies.

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