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  • problems-with-dairy-blog.jpg

    Problems with Dairy: Daily Solutions

    Recent data has shown, dairy can be problematic for digestive health. It may be best to avoid for many people, especially those with inflammatory bowel disease.

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  • thanksgiving-menu-blog-image.jpg

    Cooking With the IBD-AID

    As we begin to prepare for Thanksgiving, either by going to the stores or ordering groceries for delivery, we have you covered for IBD-AID recipes that can be enjoyed by the whole family

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  • inflammatory-bowel-disease-blog-image.jpg

    Inflammatory Bowel Disease: What is it, and How Does Diet Fit in?

    Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), the collective term for Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis, is an inflammatory disease that affects roughly 1 in 200 people in the US.

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  • melody-trial-blog.jpg

    Updates about the Melody Trial

    We are sharing another update on our progress with the MELODY Trial: Modulating Early Life Microbiome through Dietary Intervention in Crohn's Disease. We have now enrolled 91 women in the trial, and 68 of their babies have been born. We have collected over 900 samples so far.

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  • squash-season-nutrition-blog-post.jpg

    Squash Season

    Many people strive to eat local, seasonal produce. But what should you do when it’s winter and fresh, local produce is difficult to find?

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  • thank-you-post.png

    What its All About

    I am so grateful to all who email me, phone me, and give feedback on our diet and their lives. I get very attached sometimes and become a small part of patient lives. Food is such a connection for us.

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  • balance-ibd-blog-post.jpg

    Balance, New Foods, Plant-based IBD-AID, Processing, and The Hidden Dangers of GRAS

    BALANCE is key: this means not narrowing the diet so much that you don’t get the variety necessary to achieve the diversity of a beneficial microbiome, and also narrowing the diet can lead to nutrient deficiencies. Make sure you are not stuck in a rut, doing the same thing day in and day out.

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  • using-black-pepper-to-enhance-the-anti-inflammatory-effects-of-turmeric.png

    Using Black Pepper to Enhance the Anti-Inflammatory effects of Turmeric

    Turmeric’s various medicinal benefits are highly associated with its active ingredient, curcumin which is widely known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

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  • comfort-foods.jpg

    Comfort Foods for IBD-AID

    A list of a few great products and recipes that are IBD-AID friendly, free of adverse ingredients, and also comforting and delicious!

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  • prebiotic-food.jpg

    The 10 Best Prebiotic Foods for IBD

    Prebiotics are food for the good bacteria in your gut. They are indigestible fibers that are fermented along the GI tract.

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  • dairy-and-milk-alternatives.png

    The IBD-AID Diet: Dairy and Milk Alternatives

    There are several dairy milk alternatives on the market today. These plant-based milks are enriched and fortified with calcium and vitamin D.

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  • the-melody-trial.jpg

    Learn How to Enhance Baby's Immune System While Pregnant With Crohn's

    How non-invasive diet intervention during the third trimester of pregnancy can shift bacterial flora of the body, in patients with Crohn's disease and in their babies.

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