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Comfort Foods for IBD-AID

Monday, May 13, 2019

Diet has long been known to be a contributing factor for flare-ups of Inflammatory Bowel Disease. If you have been diagnosed with IBD, you may be following the IBD-AID diet, which emphasizes the avoidance of certain foods that may be disturbing your normal gut flora. Foods that contain lactose, wheat, refined sugar, and corn are avoided in all three phases of the IBD-AID diet, to help starve out the bad bacteria. This may seem rather daunting at first, but there is hope! Try these IBD-AID comfort foods that are tasty and hit the spot.

I have compiled a few great products and recipes that are free of adverse ingredients, and also comforting and delicious!


A Crunchy Snack

In the mood for something crunchy, but can’t seem to satisfy your craving? Try Flackers! They are crackers made from flax seeds. Free of wheat, and high in soluble fiber. Try them with some aged cheddar cheese. Recipe


Savory Pasta

Do you miss traditional pasta dishes and not sure how you can incorporate the comfort a hearty bowl of pasta delivers? Lentil pasta is a great alternative to traditional wheat pasta. It is made with lentils, and packed with fiber.


A Satisfying Breakfast

Nothing better than pancakes on a Saturday morning! It’s difficult to find an alternative to traditional wheat flour pancakes, with IBD-AID approved ingredients. Look no further; we have the perfect recipe for you-pancakes; made with almond flour and soluble fiber rich whole grain oats. Recipe


A Sweet Dessert

Craving the comfort of the classic American apple pie? Satisfy your sweet tooth with this delicious apple crisp recipe, with a crumble made out of old fashioned oats and almond flour.


Twist on a Classic

A cozy plate of Shepherd’s pie is sure to bring back those nostalgic feelings of mom’s home cooked meals. This recipe replaces white potato with nutrient dense sweet potato, and is rich in iron.


Light and Fluffy

Biscuits are an essential component of many classic comfort meals; fortunately you do not have to miss out just because you are following the IBD-AID diet. Try these classic almond flour drop biscuits along with your eggs at breakfast, or with some sliced strawberries. Recipe