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Eat Better Feel Better

  • brain-and-gut-connection.png

    The Connection Between the Brain and the Gut

    There are many different channels through which the stability of our microbiomes can be affected, and the gut-brain axis is one such channel. Simply put, the gut-brain axis refers to the relationship between the gastrointestinal (GI) tract – or gut – and the brain.

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  • emulsifiers.jpg

    A Word (or Two) About Emulsifiers

    Emulsifiers are food additives added to allow different components of the final product to come together harmoniously.

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  • change-image.png

    The Challenges of Change

    There is a whole other world of healthy alternatives that taste very good (if not better) than the foods that are contributing to inflammation and disease. And once you go there, you won’t see the need to turn back.

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