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Endocrine Grand Rounds & Diabetes Research Talks

12:15 PM in ACC 4th Floor Conference Rooms AC4-248 A & B  or  via Zoom 

Upcoming Talks

April 9 - Fellows Endocrine Research Seminar (In-Person/Hybrid)

Emmanouela Tsagkaraki, MD, PhD - Empowering Fat Cells for Treatment of Metabolic Diseases and Beyond

Instructor, Czech Lab, Program in Molecular Medicine, UMass Chan Medical School

April 23 - Endocrine Grand Rounds (Zoom)

Anna Santoro, PhD - Metabolic Effects and Regulation of Novel Class of Lipids

Assistant Professor of Medicine, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

May 14 - Endocrine Grand Rounds (In-Person/Hybrid)

Roeland Middelbeek, MD - Beneficial Effects of Exercise on Metabolic Health

Associate Program Director, Fellowship in Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism, Joslin Diabetes Center, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

May 28 - Endocrine Grand Rounds (Zoom)

Marcela Brissova, PhD - Development of Pancreatic Islets

Director, Vanderbilt Diabetes Research Center Islet Procurement & Analysis Core

June 11 - Endocrine Grand Rounds (In-Person/Hybrid)

Emily Sims, MD - Is It Time to Rethink How We Are Approaching Type 1 Diabetes? 

Endocrinologist, Riley Hospital for Children, Physician-Scientist, Indiana University Center for Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases and Center for Pediatric Research

June 25 - Endocrine Grand Rounds (Zoom)

Linda Barbour, MD - Management of Pregestational Diabetes & CGM Use During Pregnancy

Professor of Medicine and Obstetrics and Gynecology, Divisions of Endocrinology, Metabolism, and Diabetes and Maternal-Fetal Medicine, Medical Director OB Diabetes Clinic, University of Colorado School of Medicine

Video Archive

Scott Soleimanpour, MD - Exiting from the Silos: Understanding the emerging spectrum of diabetes pathogenesis  

March 2024 UMass Endocrine Grand Rounds

David Harlan, MD - Research to Develop Treatments to Prevent or Cure Type 1 Diabetes

February 2024 UMass Endocrine Grand Rounds

February 2023 UMass Endocrine Grand Rounds

Deborah Schlossman MD - Treatment of Diabetic Retinopathy

December 2023 UMass Endocrine Grand Rounds

Lyle Mitzner, MD - Challenges in Managing In-Patient Diabetes

November 2023 UMass Endocrine Grand Rounds

Mirjam Christ-Crain, PhD - Update in Name, Def and dg of Diabetes Insipidus AVP Deficiency and Resistance (AVP-D and AVP-R) 

October 2023 UMass Endocrine Grand Rounds

Silvia Corvera, MD - "Therapeutic Potential of Adipose Tissue"

September 2023 UMass Endocrine Grand Rounds

Wura Arowosegbe - "Inflammatory Cell Recruitment in Autoimmune Diabetes: Lessons from rats"

June 2023 UMass Fellows Endocrine Research Conference

Héctor Pérez - "Removing Barriers in Gender-Affirming Healthcare"

June 2023 UMass Endocrine Grand Rounds

David M. Harlan, MD - "Moving Forward Despite Unplanned Sharp Turns"

Rachmiel Levine Award lecture from the 2023 Levine-Riggs Diabetes Research Symposium repeated for UMass Memorial colleagues via Zoom.

R. Michael Tuttle, MD - "Active Surveillance in Low-Risk Papillary Thyroid Cancer"

May 2023 UMass Endocrine Grand Rounds

Michael Jensen, MD - "Update on Adipose Tissue Metabolism in Human Obesity"

April 2023 UMass Endocrine Grand Rounds

Michael Brodsky, PhD - "Treatment of Human Disease by In Vivo Gene Editing"

April 2023 UMass Fellows Endocrine Research Conference

M. Furkan Burak, MD - "Fat Talks & the Body Listens: Can we improve insulin sensitivity & lipogenesis by the lipokine"

March 2023 UMass Endocrine Grand Rounds

Accalia Fu, PhD - "Metabolic Licensing of Pancreatic Beta Cell Survival in Inflammation"

December 2022 UMass Fellows Endocrine Research Conference 

Louis Philipson, MD, PhD - "Importance of Making a Diagnosis: Monogenic Diabetes & Personalized Medicine"

October 2022 UMass Endocrine Grand Rounds

David Ludwig, MD, PhD - "Competing Paradigms of Obesity: Energy balance versus carbohydrate-insulin models"

September 2022 UMass Endocrine Grand Rounds

Jaime Moore, MD, MPH - "Toward Defining Standardized (and Personalized) Care for Adolescents and Young Adults After Bariatric Surgery"

June 2022 UMass Endocrine Grand Rounds

Tammy Nguyen, MD, PhD - "Dissecting the Human Diabetic Bone Marrow Niche"

May 2022 UMass Fellows Endocrine Research Conference 

Carmella Evans-Molina, PhD, MD - "The Ailing and Diabetic Beta Cell in Type 1 Diabetes: Insights from a Trip to the ER"

May 2022 UMass Endocrine Grand Rounds

Michael Weiss, MD, PhD - "Mechanism-Based Design of a Unimolecular Glucose-Responsive Insulin"

4/26/22 UMass Endocrine Grand Rounds

Deborah Wexler, MD, MSc - "The Paradigm Shift in Type 2 Diabetes Management"

4/12/22 UMass Endocrine Grand Rounds

Eric Westman, MD, MHS - "Reversing Type 2 Diabetes with Obesity Medicine"

3/22/22 UMass Endocrine Grand Rounds

Sushobhana Bandyopadhyay, PhD - "Immunogenicity of Human Pancreatic Beta Cells Derived From Pluripotent Stem Cells"

3/8/22 UMass Fellows Endocrine Research Conference 

Gregory W. Randolph, MD - "Advanced Thyroid Cancer Management - New Tools 2022"

2/22/22 UMass Endocrine Grand Rounds

Alan Malabanan, MD - "Evaluation of Isolated Hyperparathyroidism"

2/8/22 UMass Endocrine Grand Rounds

Gary Taubes - "Energy Balance, Fat-Shaming and the Questionable Science of Obesity: The History of a Bad Idea"

1/11/22 UMass Endocrine Grand Rounds

Sana Hasan, DO & Kelly Mason, MD - "Effect of CFTR Modulators on Cystic Fibrosis-Related Diabetes & CFRD from the Patient Perspective"

12/14/21 UMass Endocrine Grand Rounds

John Mordes, MD - "T1D Genetics Research at UMass"

11/9/21 UMass Fellows Endocrine Research Conference 

Suzanne K. Freitag, MD - “Thyroid Eye Disease: Overview and Update on Management”

10/26/21 UMass Endocrine Grand Rounds

Christos S. Mantzoros, MD, DSc, PhD - "NASH as a Prevalent Metabolic Condition: Diagnosis & Emerging Management Options"

10/12/21 UMass Endocrine Grand Rounds

Michael Lewiecki, MD, FACP, FACE - “Rare Bone Diseases You Should Never Miss”

9/28/21 UMass Endocrine Grand Rounds

Michael McClung, MD, FACP, FACE, FASBMR - "When & How to Use Osteoanabolic Therapies"

9/14/21 UMass Endocrine Grand Rounds

"100 Years of Insulin - A Medical Marvel: The Past, Present & Future" Drs. David Harlan, Robert Gabbay and Michael Weiss

Featured webinar during the 2021 American Diabetes Association's Scientific Sessions

David M. Harlan, MD - "The Noble and Often Nobel Role of Insulin-Related Research"

This talk is from the 2021 Stanford Diabetes Research Center Symposium celebrating 100 years since Banting & Best isolated human insulin

Mark Schuta, MD - “Improving Diabetes Care in the United States: Identifying the Major Problems and Proposed First Steps”

6/8/21 UMass Endocrine Grand Rounds

Tiffany A. Moore Simas, MD, MPH, MEd, FACOG & Silvia Corvera, MD - "Gestational Diabetes: Conversations Between the Placenta and Adipose Tissue"

5/25/21 UMass Endocrine Grand Rounds

Mark Reitman, MD, PhD - "Understanding Regulation of Metabolic Rate and Body Temperature to Understand Obesity”

5/11/21 UMass Endocrine Grand Rounds

Jonathan Krakoff, MD - "Does Energy Expenditure Mediate Weight Gain?"

4/27/21 UMass Endocrine Grand Rounds

Neil B. Marya, MD - “Endoscopic Management of Weight Regain Following Bariatric Surgery”

4/13/21 UMass Endocrine Grand Rounds

Katharine Garvey MD, MPH - “Health Care Transition in Young Adults with Type 1 Diabetes: Challenges and Opportunities”

3/23/21 UMass Endocrine Grand Rounds

David M. Harlan, MD - "Type 1 Diabetes Pathogenesis: Lessons Learned, Lessons Forgotten & Open Questions"

3/9/21 Fellows' Endocrine Research Conference talk 

Jack A. Yanovski, MD, PhD - "Genetics of Obesity”

1/12/21 UMass Endocrine Grand Rounds

Anthony Ferrante, Jr., MD, PhD - "Immune Function in Adipose Tissue Homeostasis”

12/9/20 UMass Endocrine Grand Rounds

Desmond Schatz, MD - “Personalizing Therapies for the Prevention of Type 1 Diabetes: Searching for Endotypes”

11/10/20 UMass Endocrine Grand Rounds 

Kevin Hall, PhD “Calories, Carbs, or Quality: What Matters Most for Body Weight?”

10/13/20 UMass Endocrine Grand Rounds 

Clifford Rosen, MD - "A New Counter-Regulatory Hormone During Exercise: The Story of Irisin"

9/22/20 UMass Endocrine Grand Rounds 

Ezio Bonifacio, PhD - “Auto Antibodies as Predictors of Type 1 Diabetes”

UMass Diabetes Day 2019

Anette-Gabriele Ziegler, MD, PhD “Clinical Trials Related to Type 1 Diabetes and its Treatment”

UMass Diabetes Day 2019