The Diabetes Center of Excellence is the only public institution in Massachusetts that combines outstanding basic science, translational research, and clinical care under one roof of a world-class campus. 
  • Provide care to people with diabetes using a collaborative network to deliver comprehensive, patient-centered, high-quality, “life-long, eyes-to-toes, with a heart” treatment
  • Educate/train motivated individuals to provide outstanding diabetes clinical care, and to pursue and disseminate clinically relevant research
  • Conduct the research to lessen disease impact from the ‘cradle-to-cure’

Under the co-direction of David M. Harlan, MD, and Dale L. Greiner, PhD, the UMass Diabetes Center of Excellence (DCOE) clinical and research team members strive to build a patient-centered clinical care system that provides the most up-to-date therapies, while also exploring new treatment methods; build on the strengths of the basic research already underway; and promote translational research to bring promising laboratory advances quickly and safely into clinical practice.


Our research team is working together to understand the root cause(s) of diabetes (type 1 and type 2) and to apply that knowledge to develop therapies to improve the quality of life for patients with the disease.  The ultimate goal of that basic research is to uncover the clues required to prevent the disease for those at risk, and cure those already diagnosed.  DCOE investigators are also pursuing practical, clinically oriented research to more effectively execute therapies currently known to be effective and yet are not widely applied. 

Our clinical team works to continuously improve our patient-centered approach.  We recognize that the individual with diabetes is the most important member of the care team, and strive to ensure that our patients receive the most up-to-date and proven-to-be-effective treatments.

We also prepare the next generation of diabetes experts to responsibly and effectively treat the disease and conduct research to investigate the causes of diabetes. Our work remains at the forefront of innovative educational initiatives, training certified diabetes educators, dieticians, nurses, nurse practitioners, and physicians.

The DCOE is guided by a Visiting Advisory Committee comprised of preeminent individuals from around the world. Visiting Advisory Committee members are leaders in business, medicine, and science who are dedicated to diabetes care, research and cure.