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Positions Available Within the UMass Diabetes Center of Excellence


Research Faculty Position, UMass Chan Medical School, Diabetes Center of Excellence

The Diabetes Center of Excellence (DCOE) at the UMass Chan Medical School invites applications for a SENIOR TENURED or JUNIOR TENURE-TRACK basic science or clinical investigator faculty position. The DCOE currently consists of basic and physician scientists representing a broad range of disciplines in the biomedical and clinical sciences, with members from several Medical School Departments and Programs working together as central New England’s leading center for diabetes clinical care, innovation, and discovery. The Center occupies state-of-the-art research space on an expanding Medical School campus. Basic investigators benefit from core facilities for deep sequencing, proteomics, genotyping, fluorescence-activated cell sorting, digital imaging/confocal microscopy, genomics/bioinformatics, transgenic/knockout mice, and mouse metabolic phenotyping. Clinical and community investigators benefit from infrastructure for recruitment and retention of research participants, measurement, behavioral and nutritional intervention resources and facilities, and academic-community research partnerships.  Adult and pediatric clinical efforts of the Diabetes Center are housed in a wonderful Ambulatory Clinical Care building designed so that patients can receive appropriate retinal photos, foot care, diabetes education, and other routine medical care at one location. The position will be highly competitive with regard to start-up funds, laboratory space (if needed) and salary. The DCOE seeks an individual of outstanding research potential relating to diabetes pathophysiology or treatment. 

Applicants should send curriculum vitae, statement of research interests, and names and addresses of three references to:

David M. Harlan, MD and Dale Greiner, PhD
co-directors, Diabetes Center of Excellence

c/o Patricia Cannon
55 Lake Avenue North
Albert Sherman Center, Room AS7-2049
Worcester, MA 01605

CC: Patricia Cannon, Administrative Assistant

Post Doctoral Associate, UMass Chan Medical School

Seeking a highly motivated individual for a postdoctoral fellow position in the Program of Molecular Medicine and Diabetes Center of Excellence at UMass Chan Medical School. The Maehr laboratory focuses on human pluripotent stem cell-based disease models to investigate and to find novel treatment strategies for immune syndromes, such as Type 1 diabetes. You'll participate in research centered around the modeling of immune syndromes with human pluripotent stem cells (induced pluripotent stem cells, embryonic stem cells, and stem or progenitor cell-derived organoids). Experiments will include stem and immune cell culture and differentiation, CRISPR-based mechanistic studies, molecular and immunological analyses, and xenograft experiments in mice. You're expected to analyze and present data in lab meetings, departmental and institutional work-in-progress seminars and national and international conferences. Further, you'll prepare manuscripts and help with preparation of grant applications under guidance of the PI.

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Research Associate, UMass Chan Medical School

We are seeking a highly motivated individual to join a dynamic research team in the area of stem cell biology and epigenetics.  The Research Associate will apply cutting edge molecular biology and next generation sequencing technologies, and closely interact with other lab members to design and execute projects. The individual will learn and apply cutting edge molecular biology and epigenomics approaches on models of development and immune diseases. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in molecular biology.

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Research Lab Tech, UMass Chan Medical School

The Harlan Lab seeks an experienced and innovative biomedical technician for our studies to fully characterize human pancreatic islets procured from deceased donors with, and without, diabetes.  From the precious samples, the team characterizes each islet’s hormone secretion when cultured in low and high glucose, quantifies the precise cellular constituents of each islet (which varies from donor to donor and even islet to islet within each donor’s pancreas), then assesses the single cell transcriptome from each islet cell- including infiltrating immune cells from donors diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

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