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Inpatient Diabetes Management

One third of hospital patients have diabetes.  The UMass Diabetes Center of Excellence has revolutionized Inpatient Diabetes Management and decreased length of hospital stays by 25%.  

This was accomplished by expanding care for all hospitalized individuals admitted with diabetes, and those getting diagnosed with diabetes while in our care.  Proper training has increased UMass Memorial Medical Center's inpatient staff awareness of diabetes related issues. 

Our Goal = Improved Blood Glucose Control

No matter why you were admitted to the Hospital, Emergency Room or Critical Decision Unit, our inpatient diabetes team works with your primary care team and makes recommendations for your diabetes care during your stay. 

We focus on improving glucose control in people with diabetes who are undergoing medical procedures at the UMass Memorial Medical Center.  Our team also works closely with those getting diagnosed with diabetes for the first time, ensuring that they learn everything needed to leave with diabetes survival skills.  We ensure the transition home is smooth, by coordinating necessary medication prescriptions and follow-up appointments.

Adult Inpatient Diabetes Care Team at UMass Memorial

   Asem Ali, MD                                         Leslie J. Domalik, MD        

  Elizabeth Dickinson, MS, FNP-C       Jessin Varghese, MS, FNP-BC

Inpatient Diabetes Education

The UMass Memorial Department of Pharmacy Services works with hospitalized individuals with diabetes to educate them about medication.  This includes what is covered by your insurance, help with prior authorization if needed and ensuring that they have their medication at the time of discharge.  This education is customized to the individual.

Inpatient Blood Glucose Management Program

Whether newly diagnosed or currently living with diabetes, it is essential to establish a clear understanding of the disease and how to best manage it with insulin and/or oral medication.  Our diabetes patients, no matter what brought them to the hospital or ER, receive the most up to date treatment options and educational resources, including insulin training.  We teach them with their own meters, pumps and insulin delivery methods.

Available Clinical Trials

The UMass Diabetes Center of Excellence offers our inpatients with diabetes the opportunity to partake in our clinical trials as a way to reach their desired goals and outcomes.

Follow-up Care

We work with your current physician, or if necessary, help you to identify a health care provider if you do not already have one.  Our inpatient diabetes care team ensures that you will receive the follow-up care needed after your hospital stay.  Before you transition home, we identify and schedule all necessary follow-up outpatient visits.

Preparing for Hospitalizations with your Insulin Pump