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Studying the Benefits of Continuous Glucose Monitors to Reduce Hospitalizations and Diabetic Complications

Date Posted: Thursday, August 11, 2022

Updated 11/20/23

A recent clinical trial provided continuous glucose monitors to people living with diabetes who are currently not using one and arrived at Worcester's UMass Memorial Hospital Emergency Room with high or low blood sugar, or other diabetes related complications. Those who fit the criteria and agreed to participate in the study, received a Freestyle Libre to wear for two weeks to monitor their blood sugar and shared the data with their diabetes care team. Their physician could then prescribe the device through insurance beyond that once the patient experienced the benefits.

Half of the participants received a Freestyle Libre to wear for two weeks to monitor their blood sugar. The other half were a control group who did not receive a CGM. The study investigated whether CGM could successfully keep people from returning to the ER with diabetes-related issues, compared to the control group who are not wearing a device to monitor their blood sugars. The study led by endocrinologist Mark O’Connor, MD and emergency physician Laurel O'Connor, MD, was the first of its kind to evaluate the benefits of CGM for ER patients.

Dr. O'Connor presented data at the American Diabetes Association's 2023 Scientific Sessions in San Diego.  The study was published (November 2023) in Endocrine Practice, the official journal of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinology

A Pilot Trial of Continuous Glucose Monitoring Upon Emergency Department Discharge Among People with Diabetes Mellitus - PubMed (

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