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Medical Students Capstone Project

VIDEO 1: You and Nutrition: Eating for Mental and Physical Wellness. This video discusses rates of depression and suicidality in medical school students and how it is higher compared to the general population. It also discusses how nutritional deficiencies can contribute to depression. It gives recommendations for ways to mitigate nutritional deficiencies based on literature review. Finally, the video discusses the Max Resource Baker Center and Student Counseling Services at UMass Chan Medical School.

VIDEO 2: Meal Planning and Budgeting, Grocery Shopping Informed by Nutritional Guidelines, and Nutritional Labels and composed of three sections. The first section addresses practical advice to prepare for grocery shopping including surveying current food stuffs, creating a meal plan, and setting a budget. The second section addresses tips to maximize the actual grocery shopping experience. The third section addresses how to read nutrition labels and walks through nutrition labels of frequently purchased frozen food items.

VIDEO 3: A Week of Meals. This video has three sections. The first section addresses a sample meal plan for the week. The second section discusses creating a grocery list and pantry staples list. The third section demonstrates how to put together a week of meals based on the sample meal plan.

Content & video credit: Megan Fernandez and Diana Liu (UMass Chan Medical Students, MS4)