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Chili with Beans

Canola oil Spray
1 Chopped Onion
3 Minced Garlic Cloves
3 TB Brown Miso
2-15oz Cans Tomato Sauce
1 bag Vegetable Crumbles
16 oz Can Pinto Beans
¼ tsp Chili Powder
½ tsp Ground Cumin
1 tsp Dried Oregano

1. Spray large frying pan with oil. Saute onion and garlic until brown.
2. Stir in miso. Add remaining ingredients. Cook over medium high heat until flavors are combined. Serve.

Recipe from: Estrogen: The Natural Way by Nina Shandler

Makes 4 servings: 300 calories, 2.3g fat, 0.4g sat fat, 53g carbohydrate, 21g protein, 16.5g fiber, 137 mg calcium, 6.4 mg iron, 19.4 mg vitamin C