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Manage and Lead

The relationship with an employee's direct manager is one of the most important factors in an employee's motivation, success and engagement at UMass Chan. Recent data suggests that 43% of highly engaged employees report receiving feedback from their direct manager at least once a week compared to only 18% of those with low engagement.

Employees are not told what to do anymore. To be a successful leader, you need to engage your team and assist them in reaching their goals. You do not direct, you win them over to your point of view. You do not dictate, you inspire and empower.

The Human Resources Learning and Professional Development Team launched the new "Manage and Lead at UMass Chan" training program specifically designed for UMass Chan leaders and managers. This four-part module training series will assist you in learning how to effectively engage your team by developing and sharpening your leadership and management skills.

These training courses and seminars will help you fulfill your leadership potential through effective skills training in areas such as: team building, motivating and inspiring the work of others, developing effective listening and communication skills, gaining team commitment to operational excellence, providing continuous feedback and learning to address work issues before they develop into larger problems.

The trainings will teach you how to lead instead of manage, and, as a result, make you a vital part of UMass Chan's future. Investing in professional development leadership training will help you build and enhance your leadership fundamentals, which will ensure you are more than likely to have a bright career path ahead of you.