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Manage Module

Comply Pic.jpgThe MANAGE Module covers the following topics: How to Manage Employee Performance and the Corrective Action Process, Applying the New UMass Chan Performance Appraisal Tool and Preparation for Employee Performance Reviews.

To review some sample classes we have offered (and will offer again in the future), see below.

MANAGE Module, Part 1 - Managing Employee Performance and the Corrective Action Process Class Description: Performance Management involves employees understanding the UMass Chan culture and performance expectations of their job duties within their UMass Chan work environment. Employees should be provided with the tools and resources needed to become successful and productive members of the UMass Chan community. When your staff doesn't meet expectations for performance and/or conduct, as the manager, you should know what steps to take. This course will teach you these Performance Management steps and show you how to apply them. After this course, you will have learned the following:

  • Understand Why Performance Management is Important
  • Understand the Role of the Employee Relations Consultant
  • How to Write a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)
  • Understand the UMass Chan Corrective Policy and Procedure
  • Gain a Better Understanding of the Performance Management Process and Corrective Action Using Fact Patterns and Guided Discussion

MANAGE Module, Part 2 - Goal Setting: How to use the UMass Chan Core Competencies to set annual Performance Review Development Goals Class Description: On January 1, 2018, the Human Resources department announced the new UMass Chan Competency Model and rolled out our new electronic Position Description template. 

For the annual performance reviews you will be working on in April and May 2018, you will still use the current UMass Chan Performance Appraisal form that you have used in years past. However, this year, when you get to the section where you identify your employees' individual development goals for FY18/19, (Section VI of Appraisal Form), we ask that you incorporate the UMass Chan core and position specific competencies to align with the new UMass Chan Competency Model. In the next fiscal year, we will be introducing a new electronic annual Performance Appraisal form which will include a paperless process with electronic signatures.

The topics covered in both the Manager and Employee training programs are:

  • Brief overview of the UMass Chan performance appraisal process
  • Review of the new UMass Chan core competencies - Accountability, Initiative, Problem Solving/Decision Making, Quantity/Quality of Work, Service Orientation, Diversity and Inclusion and Leadership/Management (for those with supervisory responsibilities)
  • Review of the new UMass Chan position specific competencies
  • Review of the "Development Plan" section of the appraisal form
  • How the UMass Chan competencies will be integrated into the individual employee development goals for FY2018/2019 and thereafter