The University of Massachusetts Medical School is committed to the development of its employees. Our goal is to create a learning culture among our community which encourages continuous learning and opportunities for growth.

To help reach this goal, we have created a learning curriculum to help employees achieve their professional goals and become successful members of the University of Massachusetts Medical School team.

We have existing and new course offerings for all employees that include a wide array of topics in the following categories:

Our offerings are sponsored by different departments across UMMS including HR Learning & Professional Development, IT, Finance, CWM and more. Also, our course offerings consists of different venues including classroom, online, webinars and more. We encourage you to take advantage of our numerous course offerings to develop new, marketable skills for your current position, as well as develop skills for career advancement.

COMING SOON! All classes can be accessed through our new Learning Management System (LMS). To learn more, click the icon picture below.

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