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Your Network ID and System Access*

Submit a TicketBy your first day, you should have a UMass Chan user account. If for some reason you do not, please contact IT by calling 508-856-8643.

Your new account is usually ready within 24-48 hours, and will grant you standard access UMass Chan software and the intranet. For role-based system/software access, please consult with your department management.

For more information about IT Web, How Do I:, click here. For more information about Network ID and System Access, click here.

Personal Network Storage

H Drives are personal drives given to all employees.  They are currently capped at 500mb and may possibly be upgraded if business needs require it.  These drives are backed up nightly to secure your information.  Your H drive is part of your account and it should automatically appear as being mapped to any domain computer that you log into, that means you will have to manually add it on a Mac but not any computer connected directly to UMassMed.

UMass Chan Wireless

IT supports three distinct wireless networks : UMW, UMass Chan & UMASSMED-GUEST.

  • The UMW & UMass Chan wireless networks are intended to provide students, faculty and staff direct access to school resources using the industry standard 802.1X authentication and encryption.
  • UMass Chan is recommended as it supports the industry’s highest level of encryption to protect sensitive data.
  • The UMASSMED-GUEST wireless network provides non-encrypted access to the internet for guests of the Medical School.

Protected Data, Data Security, and Best Practices

Protected DataMany of us need to use protected data in the process of doing our work.  Whether research data, employee data, or patient data it all requires special procedures and strategies to keep it secure.

Please review the Information Technology Security policies and guidelines to be sure you are taking all recommended steps to keep our protected data safe.  They can be found on the information technology website at

In the meantime, these suggestions will get you started:

  • Use the smallest subset of protected possible to conduct your work
  • Transfer and store data only on encrypted machines and drives
  • Resist using jump drives: they are easily lost or stolen, and sometimes fail
  • Be alert to phishing messages
  • UMass Chan IT will never ask for your network ID and password
  • Don’t open messages from URLs, or if the message contains odd spellings or syntax

Contact IT Security immediately if you suspect a security breach.

Password: Tips and Reset Tool

The security restrictions for your UMass Chan domain passwords are as follows:

8-14 characters
At least one capital letter
At least one lower case letter
At least one number or special character
Cannot be one of your last 10 passwords
Cannot contain your first or last name
Cannot contain the last 4 digits of your SSN.

Select something that is easy to remember, but hard to guess.  Have you considered using a passphrase?

  • For example, if your password is:  Applepie123!
  • You could strengthen it by creating the passphrase:  “I love apple pie”
  • And then swapping in the security restrictions:  IL0ve@PPl3Pie100%!

Password Self-Service ToolYour UMass Chan domain password expires every 60 days. You will need to change your password to continue to access areas within the UMass Chan. 

Get help with you password via the IT Help Desk – or better yet – take a moment to register with the password reset tool, available on, and various places on the IT website.

*This process does not apply to MassBiologics. Please visit the Massbiologics web page for contact  information on their process.

Room Reservations: Main Campus & South Street*

There are many individuals and groups who use the various meeting rooms at UMass Chan. The Room Reservation team is seeking to improve our efficient use of these spaces by reducing the time and effort it takes to schedule meeting rooms.

Room Reservations
55 Lake Avenue North, Worcester, Massachusetts 01655

Use the online self-service tool found here to see what rooms are available and to place a "hold" on a room pending approval by a member of the Room Reservations team. Refere to the RS Training Manual for training on the Room Reservations web page. If you work at other locations consult with your manager.

*This process does not apply to MassBiologics. Please visit the Massbiologics web page for contact information on their process.