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Ongoing Performance Appraisal


After completing your probationary period, you will continue to get feedback and guidance through many informal interactions.  The formal process for evaluating your work, providing you with feedback, and helping you set goals is called Performance Appraisal.  As was true during your probationary period, please be mindful that staff who thrive at UMass Chan often demonstrate these valuable characteristics:

  • Embrace personal ownership
  • Build UMass Chan relationships
  • Set goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound (SMART)
  • Are strategic and flexible when meeting project deadlines
  • Ask meaningful questions about the context and details of the work they perform


Your manager will seek input.
Inputs may come from a variety of sources, including; your manager’s assessment of how your work support the UMass Chan strategic plan and/or your department’s goals, how it fulfills your job description, outcomes on your interim goals, observations from peers or customers, and finally, from your own self-assessment.

Your manager will write your draft review.
Your manager will write your draft review. After verifying input, your manager will write your draft review, including making rating decisions that best align with your performance.  Ratings range from Does Not Meet to Outstanding.

Your manager will talk with you.
During the discussion, your manager will share your formal draft appraisal.  Your manager will also invite your input, to assure understanding regarding your strengths and challenges.

You and your manager will agree on new goals.
When establishing your goals for the upcoming evaluation period, you and your manager will work together to devise SMART goals, and agree on the metrics related to achieving them.

Your manager will complete the review.
This process involves making any adjustments based on your discussion, asking for your signature, and forwarding the review to Human Resources.

Ongoing Performance Appraisals