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Charlestown (Schrafft)

TOC: Set Up for Success  Content Detail 

Parking Tags and Location 

 Sticker obtained through CHCF Facilities at x56200.

Parking Fees 

 There is no fee for parking.

Room Reservation 

 Call reception at x56200.

Mass Rides 

 Available at this site.

Shuttle Service 

 Free service to Sullivan Square MBTA station.

Onsite ATMS 

 ATM located near cafeteria (fee charged per  transaction).

Fitness Centers 

 Fitcorp on site.

Your Onboarding Support Team 


 Building Systems – CHCF Facilities x56166

 Computers and Telephones – CHCF Facilities x56035

 Building Cleanliness - CHCF Facilities x56166

 Environmental Health & Safety - CHCF Facilities  x56166

 Parking Issues - CHCF Facilities x56200


Day care center 

 Bright horizons