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Probationary Period


The purpose of your six month probationary period is to provide youProbationary with support to help you become familiar with the UMass Chan culture, your new role, expectations, and your work processes and tools.  During this time your manager will provide frequent informal feedback and guidance.  Also, your Employee Relations Consultant will be checking-in during your probationary period.

At the end of your first six months, your manager will conduct a formal process for evaluating your work, providing feedback, and helping you set goals for your upcoming and ongoing Performance Appraisals.

As you acclimate, keep in mind that staff who thrive at UMass Chan demonstrate valuable characteristics like these:

  • Embrace personal ownership
  • Build UMass Chan relationships
  • Set goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound (SMART)
  • Are strategic and flexible when meeting project deadlines.
  • Ask meaningful questions about the context and details of the work they perform


You and your manager will schedule a discussion, during which your manager will share a written document describing your performance during your first six months.  Typically, you and your manager will discuss your strengths and challenges and strategize about how to continue your successful acclimation.  If needed, your interim six month probation period may be extended.


Your manager will provide you with the Probationary Appraisal form.