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Your Facility Access 

 ID badges will be issued as part of first day site orientation and give  access to the building and specific floors in you should have access  to.

Parking Tags and Location 

 There is limited on-site parking.  Consult with your supervisor.  If  you are approved for a parking space, your badge will allow access  to the garage on site.

Parking Fees 

 If you do not have parking, you may either take public transportation  and a free shuttle to our building OR you may park at the N. Quincy  T station, at a cost of $5 per day and take the free shuttle, or walk  (about .25 mile).

Network ID and System Access 

 Prior to your first day, access will be set up through Executive Office  of Health and Human Services (EHS) IT Systems/helpdesk.  Your  access to different systems and shared drives will depend on what  your manager requests for you.

Room Reservation 

 You may sign up for conference rooms on the 6th floor through your  calendar.   On your first day, you will receive a list of rooms and  capacity.

Onsite ATMS 

 Not available on site, there is one across the street at the Dunkin'  Donuts.

Fitness Centers 

 An on-site fitness center is available to all employees.  Sign up is  through your site orientation.

Your Onboarding Support Team 

 Non-Emergency Issues – your supervisor, Joan Wall or your  department administrative assistant.

 Building Systems - department administrative assistant to create a  work order.

 Environmental Safety – Security Desk 1-617-774-2732.