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Hire Module

Hire Pic 2.jpgThe HIRE Module covers the following topics: Creating Functional Competency Based Job Descriptions, The UMass Chan Recruiting & Hiring Process, Diversity in Hiring, Behavioral & Competency Based Interviewing and The Key to Effective Departmental Onboarding and Retaining New Staff. 

To review some sample classes we have offered (and will offer again in the future), see below.

Interviewing & Hiring Class Description: Effective interviewing is a learned skill. Competency-based Behavioral interviewing, when done correctly, is the most effective way to gather information from an interview. Just asking traditional interview questions is not enough. Learn how to make the right hiring decision with confidence using the latest techniques in Competency-based Behavioral interviewing, as well as:

  • Understand the UMass Chan Hiring Process
  • How to Conduct a Resume Analysis
  • Understand Interviewing Best Practices including the STAR Model
  • Skill vs. Competency
  • Interview Do's and Don'ts
  • Identify, Select and Hire the Right Candidate
  • Hiring for Diversity
  • Implement a Standard and Consistent Interview Process
Onboarding and Engaging Your New Hire Class Description: This module provides the information and understanding of how to successfully onboard and engage new staff at UMass Chan where you will:
  • Review Why New Hires Join and Leave UMass Chan
  • Learn How to Ensure a Successful New Hire Transition from First Day at Orientation through End of the First Year and Beyond
  • Review the New Hire Onboarding Roadmap
  • Review and Apply the UMass Chan Manager Roadmap and Resources for Onboarding a New Hire
  • Learn Why Having an Engaged New Hire Matters to You as a Manager
  • Review the Strategies to Engage New Hires and How to Apply 
  • Learn How to Create a Culture of Engagement for Your Entire Team so They are Committed to You as Their Leader
  • Learn How to Create Enthusiasm, Empower Your Team, Earn Trust, Instill Confidence, and Inspire Those Around You 

Position Descriptions: Understanding the January 1, 2018 transition From Traditional to Competency-Based Job Descriptions Class Description: This module provides the information and understanding of how to successfully prepare and write a competency-based job description. The topics are:

  • Review the basics of a competency-based job description
  • Learn how to write a competency-based job description
  • Understand how to identify the essential functions of the job as per the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Review and learn how to use the new interactive electronic job description template and find out how the improved paperless process works
  • Find out how to access information and resources at UMass Chan