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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of Offboarding FAQs for your reference. 

Why is an offboarding process important?

An effective and consistent offboarding process plays an important role in protecting the interests of both the university and exiting employees including safety, security, and protection of physical assets. A streamlined offboarding process:

  • Protects physical property and maintains an operating knowledge base
  • Ensures compliance and security regarding systems and physical access
  • Assists in the transfer of knowledge
  • Collects valuable feedback
  • Helps maintain and promote our reputation as an employer of choice
  • Provides employees with an organized way to conclude and transfer projects

Do the offboarding checklists need to be completed for all employees?

Yes. Checklists serve as a reminder to collect all university assets and terminate access to systems. Signing the form confirms documentation for the university, as well as the exiting employee.

What about temps and contractors?

Temps and contractors have varied access to systems, office space, university assets, and sensitive information, depending upon the business needs of the office/department in which they are providing services. It is important to complete the offboarding process with these individuals as well. 

Does a checklist need to be completed if an employee does not have system access?

Yes. All employees have access to something. Completing the form confirms that all “t”s are crossed and all “i”s are dotted.

If an employee transfers to a different department, should the checklist be completed?

Yes. University assets and access levels can change with job responsibilities.

I have questions about vacation payout. Where do I go?

Information and the complete paid time off policy can be found in the Human Resources policy section on the HR website by clicking here. For specific questions not answered by this policy, please contact HR at 508-856-5260.