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Offboarding Guidelines


This section outlines the expectations on collecting assets and removing access when an employee separates from the University.

University Assets

  • Employees are required to turn in all University property to their supervisors, including identification, keys, tools, computers, mobile devices or other equipment on or before their last day of work.

Direct supervisors are required to ensure that all University property from the employee is collected or returned to the appropriate area. A Separation Checklist (University template or departmental version) should be completed before or on the last day of employment. When employees transfer between departments at the university, the guidelines must also be followed to promote consistency and compliance.

Enterprise Services/Network Access

Access to services that utilize enterprise electronic credentials are automatically removed on the first day following the termination date at UMass Chan Medical School.  This deactivation takes place within 24 hours of the termination date listed on the Electronic Termination Form.

If there is a need to terminate enterprise system access in a more expedited fashion, a request can be made to either the Information Technology Services Help Desk (6-8643) or directly to IT’s Security website by clicking here. Individuals who meet the criteria for University Retiree status may work with Benefits to coordinate continued access to those services available to retirees. 

Questions about payroll and tax information should be referred to the Payroll Department by calling 508-856-5260, Option 4 or by emailing

When an individual in good standing (resignation, retirement) terminates, access to HRM Benefit services, including W2 Tax information and payroll information, will be removed the following calendar year.

If continued access to network services is required for a departed employee, UMass Chan's Information Services can help you. Additional information regarding the removal of access to services and continued access to network services can be found on the Information Technology Services website.


The direct supervisor is responsible to ensure that technology access to departmental and services not utilizing enterprise credentials are disabled in a timely manner. It is advised that individual access to these systems is documented via the new hire checklist or other consistent method within the department.


The division/department key contact is responsible for ensuring the electronic termination form and supporting paperwork is completed and submitted to HR in a timely manner. This includes confirmation of accrued paid time off and a copy of the letter of resignation for the employee’s file in HR. Completed checklists should be filed and stored in respective departments/divisions.