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Knowledge Transfer Checklist


To provide for an orderly transition of responsibilities, it is beneficial for managers to dedicate time to collaborate with a departing employee to document current/outstanding projects, upcoming deadlines, contact information for outside vendors, and other institutional knowledge that might be lost during transition.

Below are some suggestions for documenting information for a smooth transition.

Consider asking the employee to provide:

  1. A project status report which might include:

    • A list of all current, outstanding, and important upcoming projects, deadlines and tasks
    • A list of ongoing regular tasks
    • Open items on which the employee is currently working
    • Contact information for those with whom an employee has been working on tasks, projects, committees, etc.
  2. A list of key people (internal and external) to whom someone else should be introduced before the current employee leaves their position
  3. A list of external agencies or groups (including contact information) with whom the exiting employee interacts in fulfilling one’s responsibilities
  4. Compilation of specific files/records/emails related to current or past projects to be retained for a period of time