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Physician Thanks for Child's Care

A letter from a physician pleased with her son's care in Radiology.

Dear Eric, Max, and Steve,

I hope you are all doing well! 

TacoAfter an appointment with the marvelous Dr. Keiper today, my son (age 11) needed X-rays of his cervical spine. We went down to the ambulatory radiology suite, and the woman who checked us in couldn't have been more friendly and more attentive to [my son], asking about school and his plans. We went in for X-rays with the tech, who noticed [my son's] taco shirt.  He talked to [my son] for 10 minutes (while taking the films) about best toppings, fish tacos, Catalina dressing. It was so funny. I am sorry that I didn't get his name.

[My son] got tacos on the way home.

At no point did I mention that I am a doc or that I work for the hospital. This "phantom gourmet" experience of pediatric care at our medical center was so cool. The focus on engaging a kid is awesome to see. Kudos to these folks.


Kavita Babu, MD
Division Chief, Medical Toxicology