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International Opportunities in Radiology

UMass Radiology is committed to fostering global connections for UMass Chan students, our Radiology residents and faculty. Over the past several years we have hosted faculty from a wide range of countries and facilitated international travel experiences for our trainees and faculty. Working closely with the UMass Chan’s International Medical Education Program (IMEP) we help coordinate Radiology-related travel experiences for UMass Chan students. While we are supportive of travel and visiting faculty from the entire world, our current Radiology affiliations include: Assuta Ashdod Medical Center and Ben Gurion University in Israel; and Nanjing Hospital and Xuzhou Medical Center in China. One of our faculty members has served as the chief medical officer at Imam AL Hujjah Hospital, in Karbala, Iraq. Another faculty member has helped organize an annual Radiology conference since 2016 including Liver Cancer Imaging and Intervention in Ulanbaatar, Mongolia. Faculty also have international research collaborations with the Technion in Israel and Moscow State University and the Russian Academy of Sciences in Russia.

The Department of Radiology also supports and edits the Journal of Global Radiology

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