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Radiology Education

Education is a top priority to the department of Radiology at the UMass Chan Medical School. Being the only major academic medical center in central Massachusetts allows us to have access to large numbers of patients; cutting-edge technology; and research. We strive to provide outstanding educational opportunities to our medical students, residents, and fellows while maintaining a compassionate environment that nurtures learning.

The UMass Memorial Health Care system is composed of multiple hospitals in diverse settings and locations.  This allows us to see an outstanding number and diversity of radiological cases. Our trainees are able to rotate in person as well as re-studies from the following sites: UMass Memorial Medical Center – University Campus, UMass Memorial Medical Center – Memorial Campus, UMass Memorial Children’s Medical Center, Marlboro Hospital, HealthAlliance, and Clinton Hospital.  We are offer an outstanding combination of hands-on learning and organized teaching.

Our programs provide excellent opportunities for trainees not only to learn to become outstanding diagnostic or interventional radiologists but also to teach, do research, and engage in other academic endeavors. In addition, we have significant involvement with our medical school through: 3rd and 4th year medical student clerkships and faculty from our department direct the 1st year medical student course on Development, Structure & Function (DSF). These also offer opportunities for resident involvement both through teaching at the work station and in the anatomy lab.

We are constantly striving to provide innovative, hands-on and comprehensive educational experiences for our trainees, while maintaining a compassionate training environment.  We hope you will come join us.

Listen to a special podcast episode about UMass Radiology on From the Viewbox with guest Max Rosen, MD, MPH, Professor and Chair of UMass Radiology.

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