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Electron Microscopy Core News

EM core - Talos L120C Transmission Electron MicroscopeNew Transmission Electron Microscope

The newly installed transmission electron microscope, the Talos L120C, has been in use by the EMC personnel and some newly trained users. The EM Core website has been updated to reflect the new microscope, complete with on-line calendar for booking. This microscope has both room-temperature and cryo-capabilities as well as an integrated software platform to perform tomography. Last year the EM core also acquired a robust computer that can handle the software necessary to do 3D reconstructions of the data. The staff have plans with Thermo Fisher for on-site advanced training on the tomography package when the COVID-19 pandemic has resolved, hopefully by fall. 

The Electron Microscopy Core remained operational throughout the Covid-19 pandemic shut-down. Electron microscopy is a unique and vital tool used to understand the structure of this and other viruses. In this lab they can see the “invisible enemy”!  Throughout the pandemic shut-down and now, the EM core continues to offer their services to multiple off site biotech and Pharmaceutical companies and any of the UMMS community of investigators that may need electron microscopy services, including many COVID-19 related research projects.

For more information please contact:

Gregory Hendricks, PhD, Manager
Lara Strittmatter, PhD, Assistant Manager

EM core - Talos L120C Transmission Electron Microscope