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From The Viewbox Podcast

From the Viewbox is the podcast of the Department of Radiology at UMass Medical School hosted by Dr. Hao Lo and Dr. Christopher Cerniglia. This educational podcast series covers important topics (focusing on noninterpretive skills, diagnostic approach, and specific imaging diagnoses) that aim to prepare radiology trainees for future practice and the ABR CORE exam.

Episode 7: Introduction to PET/CT

Dr. Lacey McIntosh introduces PET/CT.

  1. How functional imaging is different from anatomic imaging
  2. Different tracers - FDG, NAF, DOTATATE, AXUMIN, PSMA
  3. Limitations (size, lack of contrast in some places)
  4. Pitfalls - know expected physiologic uptake and other processes that cause uptake
  5. Future of PET - exciting implications for therapies 

Episode 6: IV Contrast and Acute Adverse Reactions (part 2)

This is part two of a two-part series on iodinated intravascular contrast. In this episode, we conclude our discussion the types of intravascular iodinated contrast media and their acute adverse reactions. Two additional practical case scenarios are provided.

Episode 5: IV Contrast and Acute Adverse Reactions (part 1)

In this episode, we discuss the types of intravascular iodinated contrast media and their acute adverse reactions. Four practical case scenarios help review the diagnosis and management of acute contrast reactions, premedication for history of allergic type contrast reaction, and acute contrast extravasation.  This is part one of a two part series on iodinated intravascular contrast.

Episode 4: Introduction to Meniscal Tears

Dr. Christopher Sereni discusses basic meniscal anatomy, reviews the basic types of meniscal tears (horizontal, vertical longitudinal, radial), and provides a way to visualize them using kitchen implements.  He briefly discusses the evolution of a basic tear into a complex/displaced tear. Complex tears and complications will be discussed in a future episode.

Episode 3: Aunt Minnie in CT Evaluation of Stroke

Hao and Chris discuss three Aunt Minnies in CT evaluation of Stroke with Dr. Aly Abayazeed from the division of Neuroradiology. 

  1. Hyperdense vessel sign
  2. Insular ribbon sign
  3. Delayed vessel sign

Episode 2:  Arthritis – An approach to Hand & Wrist radiographs

Dr. Cerniglia presents a simple “ABCDEs” pneumonic (adapted from ABCs of Dr. Forrester’s original monograph Radiology of Joint Disease) to structure an approach to hand and wrist radiographs in patients with suspected or known arthritis:

A = Alignment
B = Bone production & density
C = Cartilage space
D = Distribution
E = Erosions
S = Soft tissues

The possible findings of each of these radiographic features are introduced.  Specific arthritis features will be discussed in more details in upcoming episodes.

Episode 1: Congestive heart failure on chest radiography.

Hao and Chris discuss the common diagnosis of CHF in the emergency department setting. The four most relevant radiographic findings are discussed. Important clinical and radiographic pitfalls are also considered.

  1. Cardiomegaly
  2. Pleural effusion
  3. Interstitial edema
  4. Airspace edema