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Advanced Imaging

Advanced Cardiovascular Imaging

We have a very strong program in both adult and pediatric cardiovascular imaging with a very strong interdisciplinary focus. We offer full clinical cardiovascular CT and MR services with a bi-weekly joint radiology and cardiology conference, where we review interesting cases and recent research and clinical developments.  The program is unique as we have both radiologists and cardiologists reading clinical cases, each bringing their unique perspectives and strengths – presenting a unique opportunity for the students, residents, and fellows.  As integral part of the program, there are opportunities for interested trainees to observe cases in the cardiology cath-lab and echo-lab. The vibrant clinical enterprise is accompanied by a strong clinical research line at the interface of clinical care, imaging, and technical innovation.

3D Lab

The 3D lab at our department offers cutting-edge services to our colleagues in Radiology and other clinicians and specialties throughout the health care system.  We routinely postprocess CT coronary angiograms, cardiac MRs, central and peripheral CTA/MRA studies, as well as musculoskeletal fractures and virtual colonography.  We also have high-degree expertise in image processing of large- and small-airways disease. We assist with the surgical planning for both liver and renal transplants.  Our software resources include high-end conventional and AI-based hardware and algorithms.  Trainees will spend time in the 3D lab learning how to postprocess clinical cases, with special focus on cardiothoracic CTs and MRs.