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Current Grants

* NIH Grants

Nicolas Bloch

Contrast Enhanced Breast MRI
11.25.2020 - 11.24.2024

Alexei Bogdanov

*MR Signal Amplication for Receptor Imaging
9.1.2019 - 5.31.2023

Roger Craig

*Mechanism of regulation of cardiac contraction by phosphorylation of myosin binding protein C
7.1.2018 - 6.30.2023

*Mechanisms governing myosin turnover and exchange in vivo
4.1.2021 - 3.31.2025

Gregory DiGirolamo, Alexander Bankier, Max Rosen

*Increasing Nodule Detection in Lung Cancer by Non-Conscious Detection of “Missed” Nodules and Machine Learning
5.23.2022 - 1.31.2027

Young Kim

Application of Ultra Low Dose CT and Artificial Intelligence Algorithms in the Detection of Pelvic and Hip Fractures
8.30.2021 - 8.29.2024

Michael King

*Attenuation correction strategies for myocardial perfusion imaging using dual-gated SPECT
8.5.2020 - 7.31.2023

*Upgrading Adapti-SPECT-C for High Spatial Resolution Imaging of Brain Lymphatics and Vasculature to Advance Therapies for Alzheimer’s Disease
5.12.2021 - 3.31.2024

*Optimization of diagnostic accuracy, radiation dose, and patient throughput for cardiac SPECT via advanced and clinically practical cardiac-respiratory motion correction and deep learning
7.1.2020 - 6.30.2024

Michael King, Petrus Pretorious

*Improving Pediatric SPECT Imaging: Enhanced Lesion Detection with Dose Reduction through Advanced Reconstruction and Motion Correction
6.1.2020 - 2.29.2024

Michael King, Robert Licho

*AdaptiSPECT-C: A Next-Generation, Adaptive Brain-Imaging SPECT System for Drug Discovery and Clinical Imaging
9.1.2016 - 3.31.2024

Raúl Padrón

*Dissecting the structural origin of relaxation in skeletal muscle
4.1.23 - 3.31.28

Raúl Padrón, Roger Craig

*Structural basis of the super-relaxed state in human cardiac muscle
7.1.2022 - 6.30.2026

Mary Rusckowski

Breast Cancer Detection Empowered by Contrast Agents, Spectral CT, and Machine Learning
7.1.2020 - 6.30.2023

Salman Shazeeb

Collaboration with MIT to focus on enhancing breast cancer risk prediction in the Worcester population regardless of the patients’ background, ethnicity, and risk based on family history.
One year - Worcester Foundation

Salman Shazeeb, Manojkumar Saranathan and Gopal Vijayaraghavan

AI algorithm (Mirai) on patients at risk of developing breast cancer
In collaboration with Massachusetts Institute of Technology
10.1.2022 - 9.30.2024

Gopal Vijayaraghavan

Improving Breast Cancer Diagnosis Using Artificial Intelligence in Mammography Screenings
7.1.2020 - 6.30.2023

George Witman

*Flagellar Motility and Assembly
5.1.2017 - 4.30.2024