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The Division of Emergency Radiology utilizes MRI, CT, ultrasound, radiography and nuclear medicine in the rapid diagnosis and evaluation of acutely ill and traumatized patients. Our radiologists work closely every day with a variety of specialties and sub-specialties, including emergency medicine, trauma surgery, general surgery, orthopedics and internal medicine specialties.

Our staff is responsible for diagnostic imaging studies of ED and trauma patients. Our fellowship trained faculty supervises all aspects of ED imaging with individual patient-specific service. The division is responsible for:

  • Reviewing appropriateness of imaging and optimizing each modality for patient-specific imaging
  • ED specific protocol of all cross sectional (US/CT/MR) imaging studies
  • Consultation with clinical services for imaging of ED and acute inpatients
  • Interpretative consultation for outside imaging studies
  • Interdepartmental Clinical Conferences with Emergency Medicine and Surgery.