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Residents - International Travel

Residents have traveled to China for a month to study and conduct research under the guidance of faculty member Young Kim, MD.

Derek Chicarilli Visits China - 2019


I had the privilege of traveling to China’s Jiangsu province to the capitol Nanjing, and developing suburban city of Xuzhou for a joint research fellowship between UMass and The Affiliate Hospital of Xuzhou Medical School. A major impetus for my career switch to medicine was a medical mission trip in which I participated that took me to a remote island province in the Philippines. I learned that the language of medicine, and more importantly healing, is universal. Entering residency, an international opportunity, in almost any capacity, was something that I sought and the BCS research fellowship did not disappoint. It was an honor and pleasure to work alongside the wonderfully talented interventional radiologists in both Nanjing and Xuzhou.

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Roberto Kutcher Visits China - 2019


Traveling across the world to learn how diagnostic and interventional radiology is practiced in another country has been one of the highlights, not only of my residency at UMass, but of my medical education. I had the opportunity to not only learn new techniques but critically appraise and contextualize our own. In Xuzhou, where I spent two weeks, I also rotated with the interventional department. Although rare in the US and Europe, there is a very high incidence of Hepatic Vena Cava BCS in Xuzhou.

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Jojo Yeboa Visits China - 2019


Jojo Yeboa, MD stated "Traveling to China to study BCS and experience the practice habits of radiology and interventional radiology there was the experience of a lifetime. My hosts were very kind to me and I made many friends and mentors who I hope to stay in touch with and see again someday. I look forward to analyzing the data I collected and publishing in a peer-reviewed journal soon. I would like to especially thank Drs. Kim and Rosen for supporting and guiding me throughout the experience, and hope many more residents have the same opportunity to conduct BCS research in China."

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Venkatsh Murugan Visits China - 2018


Venkatesh Murugan, MBBS had the distinct privilege of visiting China this year as a part of an ongoing field research study conducted by Dr. Young Kim in collaboration with several distinguished scholars in China. During his visit, Venkatesh gathered data on 96 consecutive patients who underwent treatment for HVC-BCS at Xuzhou Medical Center from January 2017 to September 2017 and reviewed the pertinent imaging. "I hope to gather further information to identify risk factors for recurrence. In the end, this field study was an enlightening experience, both culturally and academically. I will never forget this experience and it has certainly inspired me to pursue a career in academics"

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Madison Ballard Visits China - 2017


Dr. Madison Ballard and co-authors received the Cum Laude award at RSNA 2017. Dr. Ballard spent three weeks in China studying Budd Chiari Syndrome, a rare disease with a paradoxically high prevalence in several Asian countries. She combined her findings with those of Dr. Daniel Burritt, who went to China the previous year, and other co-authors and presented an educational exhibit at RSNA. Regarding her experience on the project, Dr. Ballard remarked "I am grateful to have been a small part of such an exciting project." Dr. Burritt also expressed his satisfaction, "projects conducted abroad like this offer a unique opportunity to study diseases we are not typically exposed to in western countries. There are still scientific frontiers in countries like China. This project is proof of it and it’s exciting to be part of such an endeavor." 

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Daniel Burritt Visits China - 2016


Daniel Burritt, MD visited the hospital visited was in Xuzhou, China where they see well over 100 cases of Budd Chiari syndrome a year. Over the course of 2 weeks, Daniel saw 15 cases treated by their interventional radiology department. His trip to China began in Nanjing, about a 4 hour drive north west of Shanghai. He spent a week in Nanjing teaching English and editing papers in exchange for a translator who would come with Daniel to Xuzhou, another 4 hours north. 

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