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We offer the full range of Pediatric imaging techniques including:

  • Ultrasound ( soft tissue masses, abdomen, appendix, pelvis, neck, head, neonatal spine &  joints)
  • Fluoroscopy including VCUG, GI, and arthrography prior to MR.
  • MR including MSK, MRCP, MR enterography
  • CT with new equipment (Seimens Flash) providing fast, very low dose, high quality images limiting need for sedation and reducing radiation risk.

In addition to image acquisition and interpretation, we are also responsible for:

  • Review appropriateness of imaging and discuss this with referring physicians as well as with  patients and families  to optimize modality and technique for imaging
  • Specify  protocols of all Pediatric cross sectional (US/CT/MR) imaging studies
  • Consult  with clinical service for Pediatric  imaging studies and procedures
  • Second read interpretations of outside imaging studies upon request
  • Robust quality improvement and assurance program.
  • Interdepartmental Clinical Conferences/Rounds with Pediatrics, PICU, NICU, and all of the Pediatric sub-specialties.

Our equipment is optimized for children.  Our technologists have considerable experience working with children and are vital components of the team.  They create a kid friendly environment which not only puts children and parents at ease, but allows for the highest quality diagnostic images.


For those children that may require sedation, this service can be provided through the Children’s Medical Center Sedation Service and/or the  Pediatric Anesthesia Department.