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A Message from the Vice-Chair for Research


Michael King, PhD, DABR Department of Radiology - Vice Chair for Research
Michael King, PhD
Vice Chair - Research

The mission of the investigators within Radiology Research is to play a significant role in transforming the way we obtain and utilize anatomical and functional information, thereby enabling earlier detection, better delineation, and improved treatment of disease, as well as improved knowledge of the underling tissues.

Currently there are 14 faculty at the level of Instructor or higher whose major function is research in the department of radiology. Their expertise spans imaging from that of at the level of electron microscopic to body CT, MRI, and nuclear imaging. Radiology research includes members in the clinical divisions of radiology, the Division of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (BIB), and the two new Divisions of radiology which were formerly parts of basic science departments within the medical school. These are Translational Anatomy (TA), which joined in 2015, and Cell Biology and Imaging (CBI) which joined January 1 of 2017. With the addition of CBI, radiology research now also includes 4 imaging centers-for-research-excellence (COREs):

1. The Advanced MRI Center which now houses an Ingenia 3.0T MRI system comes with a dStream digital broadband architecture and channel-independent RF technology;

2. The Radiolabeling & Small Animal Translational Imaging CORE which houses a Bioscan NanoSPECT/CT camera, a Philips MOSAIC pre-clinical PET system, a Li-Cor Pearl fluorescence image, and an IVIS-100 Caliper for near infrared fluorophors imaging;

3. The New England Center for Stroke Research (NECStR) CORE which houses Philips Allura FD20 R3 flat panel detector x-ray system; and

4. The Electron Microscope CORE which houses three Transmission Electron Microscopes (TEM),  a Phillips CM10, a FEI Tecnai Spirit 12, and a Phillips CM120 as well as one Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) the FEI Quanta 200 FEG MKII.

In fiscal year 2017, Radiology research is supported by 19 grants and contracts (12 from NIH and other federal sources, and 7 form non-federal sources) and 10 Clinical Trials. In FY 2017 these grants and contracts will have brought in a total of $6.0M in funding ($4.1M in direct and $1.9M in indirect).

Our administrative team is here to help with all aspects of radiology research, from grant strategies and preparation, to human resources issues and expense reports. Please contact:

Michael King, PhD
Professor and Vice Chair for Research


Department of Radiology Research