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Compensation Approval Requests

The Compensation Department reviews job descriptions, employee salaries, and in-family promotions at the request of the department administrator, manager, or Head.

They will also review department requests to review new job descriptions and updates of current job descriptions. If a department has a need for a position that is new to the department, Compensation can assist with determining if there is already an existing position, or if not, review the request as a new job description to the University. If a current description has changed, Compensation will review the updated description to ensure that with the changed duties the position is in the appropriate pay range.

They also help with the following areas:

Employee Salary Reviews - Compensation will review department requests to review current employees’ salaries for internal and external equities based on an analysis of factors such as education, experience, and performance.

In-Family Promotion Reviews - Compensation will review department requests for in-family promotions and recommend salary increases.