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Managing Employee Pay

Managing Employee Pay Pic

Manager’s Role in Managing Employee Pay

Managers have an important role in the administration of the UMass Chan Compensation Program and related policies. A manager is involved in the position definition and classification process, employment selection, performance management, merit process, career development and training of employees. By understanding UMass Chan programs and ensuring they are administered in an equitable manner, managers will assist employees in feeling motivated, recognized and rewarded.

For positions at UMass Chan covered by a union contract, managers should seek counsel from Human Resources to clarify if a policy and/or practice is covered by the agreement prior to any discussions with an employee. It is important to reference the contract when administering salary increases and conducting performance appraisals. The contract will identify the type and the timing of the salary increase. For performance appraisals, the agreement will specify the form to use, the timing of the review and the rating scale.