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Performance Management

Performance management is an ongoing process of communication between a supervisor and an employee that occurs throughout the year, in support of accomplishing the strategic objectives of UMass Chan Medical School. Performance management involves the goal setting, reviewing and evaluating of the work done by employees to UMass Chan and department goals.

The Performance Appraisal is one component of the Performance management process. The process is one that occurs throughout the year, providing managers with the opportunity to discuss their employees’ responsibilities, work performance and development plans. Feedback occurs not only when the employee is performing well, but also when the employee is not meeting expectations.

Performance management involves much more than just assigning ratings. It is a continuous cycle that involves planning, observing, rating and rewarding. For planning, managers should work in advance so that expectations and goals can be set. Observing includes progress and performance continually throughout the year. Rating focuses on periodically summarizing the performance of employees. And lastly, rewarding focuses on what options are available to compensate good performance.

To have a successful performance appraisal, managers should set expectations, not have any surprises, prepare by gathering data and support documentation (last year’s review, quarterly reports, e-mails, etc.), acknowledge sub-standard performance and anticipate questions regarding performance.

All UMass Chan Medical School employees will be measured by the competency-based performance appraisals which focus on developing the behaviors – the competencies – that are essential for developing employees in their roles. Competency-based performance appraisals look at how an employee’s actions over a defined time led to meeting or missing defined objectives, so they gain an understanding of where an employee stands at present and what additional behaviors they should develop for future success.

To learn more about the Competency Model and how it affects performance management, click here.

When initiating the performance appraisal process, managers should become familiar with the Performance Appraisal Form and rating scale. If at any time an employee is not meeting job expectations, management should consult with their HR Consultant.

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Please Note: If the employee is a member of one of UMass Chan unions, you will need to refer to the collective bargaining agreement for guidance.