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HR Competency Model

Core Competencies

Human Resources rolled out a new UMass Chan Competency model that is used to support our Human Capital strategies. This organizational improvement model will assist you, as a manager, in providing a framework for shaping job requirements and performance expectations.

Additionally, the Competency model will become a key component for you with employee recruiting, engagement, talent development and retention strategies. Overall, the competencies will help you, as a manager, define and distinguish “great” performance and enable more effective employee development.

UMass Chan has divided the competencies into two main categories:

  • Core competencies. These are behaviors that all employees need to exhibit to be successful, regardless of their function or level in the organization. Also included, is a leadership & management competency, which are the skills and behaviors needed to manage and lead people.
  • Position specific competencies. These are competencies related to a specific job function or job type. In support of the new UMass Chan Competency Model, HR has developed new tools, services and trainings for managers and employees regarding the UMass Chan Competency Model. Please see below to access these tools.

To learn more, click the links below:

For managers and employees:

Core Competency Webinar UMass Chan Core Competencies Position Specific Competencies Performance Appraisal Tile

For managers:

Blank Square.jpg Guide to Preparing Competency Based Job Descriptions Tile copy.jpg Competency Based Job Description Template Tile copy.jpg  

Core Competencies