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Provider Wellness Survey

Take the Provider Wellness Survey

November 4 – December 9

Physicians, Advanced Practice Providers, Residents, Fellows and Medical Students are invited to participate in the first ever Provider Wellness Survey at UMass. Through the survey, we seek to uncover what determinants are at work when our providers are happy, feeling successful, and having a sense of meaning with their work. And, importantly, the results of the survey will be used to guide programming from the Clinician Experience Office (CXO).

There’s no better time than the present to complete the survey. You can easily find the email containing your unique link to the survey by searching “#bwellsurvey” in your inbox. In order to best identify areas for intervention, our goal is for 65% of participants to complete the survey. To reward your participation, there are several incentives available. Please see the attached flyer containing details around available survey incentives.

To protect your privacy, the survey is administered by a third party. As such, your individual responses to the survey are confidential are will not be seen by me or anyone else at UMass. All results are deidentified and no response field with less than 5 respondents will be accessible.  Your privacy is important to me. If you have questions about the Provider Wellness Survey, or would like to reach the CXO, please email where either I or Sherri Gentile, CXO Project Manager, can assist you.

My goal as the CXO is to help you thrive. In doing so, you’ll be happier, your patients will be healthier, and we will all be better off. We are in this together.

Steve Bird, MD
Clinician Experience Officer

Provider Wellness Survey