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3rd Year Medical Students

Radiology Flexible Clinical Experiences Curriculum
FCE - One Week Rotation

Course Director
Breast Imaging (FCE 3015) Dr. Monique Tyminski
Interventional Radiology Experiences (FCE 3023)    Dr. Lauren Ferrara
Musculoskeletal Imaging (FCE 3036) Dr. Ryan Tai
Neuroradiology (FCE 3011)  Dr. Andrew Chen
Pediatric Radiology (FCE 358) Dr. E. Christine Wallace
Women in Radiology (RA 301) Dr. Maria Barile

Contact Wendy Diamond, Medical Student Coordinator by phone at 508-856-5740 or by email.

A one week opportunity to sample each subspecialty providing information which may be helpful to the 3rd year Medical Student deciding on a future career. The FCE student will be in the diagnostic reading room at the work station, will have the opportunity to see some procedures and will work closely with the supervising Radiologist. Students interested in one of the following FCEs can explore available dates and details here.

Breast Imaging (FCE 3015)

An introduction to the field of breast imaging to help medical students who are not per se going into breast imaging but who are interested in a field that may involve interpreting breast imaging report or studies, such as surgery, OB/GYN or primary care.

Musculoskeletal Imaging (FCE 3036)

This is a one week course in musculoskeletal imaging intended for medical students interested in exploring imaging and image guided interventions of the musculoskeletal system. Students will be exposed to a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions including: rheumatologic disease, tumors, trauma and sports related injuries.

Neuroradiology (FCE 3011)

This elective is intended for those students interested in learning more about the field of radiology and its role in medicine.  From diagnosis, surveillance and treatment of disease, radiology is a complex field.  The primary goal of this elective is to allow the student to explore radiology as a potential career. This elective allows the student to participate in the cutting-edge technology of radiology.  We have found this is a gap in the education as they are not exposed to during their core clinical experiences.

Radiology is a broad field with multiple subspecialties, including neuroradiology, MSK, pediatrics, body, chest, mammography, ER and interventional radiology.  Due to its diversity and the relative short time of a FCE, this elective focuses on neuroradiology.  The student will learn about the role of the neuroradiologist in trauma, tumors, infection, inflammatory disorders, and degenerative process of the brain, head and neck, and spine.

The student will interact with the attendings, fellows, and residents to discover the career of a radiologist. By the end of the rotation, we hope that the student has a better understanding of the radiologist’s role in a multidisciplinary patient care environment.  If the student finds radiology to be a potential career path, then the student may consider a more in depth exploration of the radiology subspecialties by taking a general diagnostic radiology elective or our neuroradiology elective.

Pediatric Radiology (FCE 358)

This one week elective course in pediatric imaging is intended to enable the student to become acquainted with the diagnostic capabilities of a modern pediatric radiology department. Students will become familiar with the advantages and limitations of the various radiologic modalities, and develop a more intelligent and logical approach to diagnostic imaging. Principles of radiation dose reduction (ALARA) will be emphasized.

Women in Radiology (RA 301)

Women are underrepresented in the field of radiology and only make up about 25% of practicing radiologists. However, with the number of current and future female physicians steadily rising, and with more women than men enrolled in US medical schools (in 2017), increasing female interest and participation in the field of radiology is an important mission. Exposures and experiences with female radiologists include- Emergency Radiology, Breast Imaging, Oncologic Imaging/Body, Neuro Interventional Radiology, Chest Imaging, Pediatric Radiology, Musculoskeletal Imaging.