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International Elective List

Anesthesiology    AN-400    Anesthesiology     B1    UMMHC-University Campus
    AN-401   Pain Management   B1   UMMHC- Memorial Campus
Emergency Medicine   EM-4448   Introduction to Toxicology   B2   UMMHC-University Campus
Family Medicine & Community Health   FC-413   Sports Medicine   B1   Hahnemann Campus 
Medicine   ME-406   Cardiology   B1   UMMHC-University
    ME-413   Endocrinology   B1    UMMHC-University
    ME-418   Geriatric Medicine   B1    UMMHC-Memorial
    ME-423   Infectious Disease   B1    UMMHC-University & Memorial Campus
    ME-425   Nephrology   B1    UMMHC-University
    ME-433   Pulmonary Medicine   B1    UMMHC-University & Memorial Campus
    ME-434   Rheumatology   B1    UMMHC-Memorial
    ME-4102    Palliative Care Medicine   B1   UMMHC-University & Memorial Campus
Neurology   NU-436   Ambulatory Neurology   B1   University Campus
OB/GYN   OB-410   Gynecologic Oncology   B1   UMMHC - Memorial Campus
Pathology   PA-421    Surgical Pathology   B2   Biotech 3
Pediatrics   PE-407   Pediatric Cardiology   B1   UMMHC-University
    PE-409    Pediatric Endocrinology/Diabetes   B1   UMMHC-University
    PE-410    Pediatric Hematology/Oncology   B1   UMMHC-University
    PE-411   Pediatric Infectious Disease   B1   UMMHC-University
    PE-414    Pediatric Pulmonology   B1   UMMHC-University
    PE-417   Neonatal Clinical Research/Reading Elective   C   UMMHC-Memorial
    PE-418    Adolescent Medicine   B1   UMMHC-University
    PE-422    Pediatric Nephrology   B1   UMMHC-University
    PE-446   Pediatric Genetics   B1   UMMHC-University
    PE-457    Pediatric Gastroenterology & Nutrition   B1   UMMHC-University
Radiology   RA-400   Diagnostic Radiology    C   UMMHC-University Campus
    RA-403   Modern Neuroradiologic Imaging   B2   UMMHC-University Campus
    RO-405   Clinical Radiation Oncology    B2   UMMHC-University Campus
    RA-422   Pediatric Radiology    B2   UMMHC-University Campus
    RA-452   Clinical Nuclear Medicine   C   UMMHC-University Campus