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Pathology Elective Course Description

Course Name: Surgical Pathology
Course Number: PA-421
Elective Type: B2 

George Tjionas, MD
Contact: Caitrin Reynolds

Department:) Pathology
Sites Available: University Campus, Biotech 3
Months Offered: E1 - M10
Number of Students / Month: 1 student per month

Medical students who have successfully completed their first two years of basic medical science study.  

Elective Description: Medical students in this elective month will actively participate in surgical pathology rotation.  The goal of this elective is to allow medical students to learn basic surgical pathology or cytology and the important applications of pathology in clinical practice.  During this elective, they will observe the gross examination of pathology specimens and intra operative consultations, preview pathology slides, and sign out clinical cases with pathology attendings. Depending on individual student interests, they are also able to select dermatopathology, hematolopatholgy, cytology and neuropathology rotations in the Department of Pathology. All activities will be under faculty supervision.  Medical students will also participate in all residency teaching conferences, including unknown surgical slide conferences, all subspecialty conferences, autopsy conferences, and clinical laboratory teaching lectures,. After this elective, students not only will be able to learn the pathogenesis of different diseases, but also will be able to recognize the histological changes in many diseases, including various benign and malignant tumors.  This elective will be very useful to assist medical students for preparing their future plans as a surgical pathologist, surgeon, oncologist, radiologist, or radiation oncologist.
Note: NA
Location: University Campus, Biotech 3, Innovation Drive, Worcester, MA  01655