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Distance Exemption Policy

All students are eligible to apply for a distance exemption for their rotations, to be exempt from the possibility of being assigned to a ‘distant’ site for Core Clinical Experiences and Advanced Studies. Approved requests for a distance exemption would include the following:

a. The student is a parent to a small child/children who live at home with them
b. The student is under a physician’s care for a condition requiring frequent medical intervention
c. The student is a primary caregiver for a spouse or parent with medical concerns
d. Other considerations of equal magnitude

Applications for distance exemptions are reviewed by the Office of Student Affairs. If the distance exemption is approved, the student would be exempt from all rotations located at the following sites: Baystate Medical Center, Berkshire Medical Center, and Cape Cod Hospital. Students are notified if their application is approved within two weeks of submission. Students with questions about the distance exemption process should contact the Office of Student Affairs.