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Radiology Elective Course Description

Course Name: Pediatric Radiology
Course Number: RA-422
Elective Type: B2 

E.Christine Wallace, M.D.

Contact: Karen Granquist

Department: Radiology & Pediatrics
Sites Available: UMMHC-University Campus
Months Offered: E1-M12
Number of Students / Month:
Elective Description: This elective designed to provide advanced experience in clinical pediatric radiology beyond that presented in the standard fourth year general radiology rotation.
The student is expected to gain an appreciation of the duration of procedures, amount of intervention experienced by the patient and a sense of how much cooperation is expected from the patient during procedures. 

The elective may be used to help develop an awareness of the range of services provided to Family Practice, outpatient, inpatient, and intensive care environments.

The student will be introduced to the range of techniques encompassed by the subspecialty.

The elective will provide an introduction to the demonstration and diagnosis of disease by radiologic techniques.  A short presentation of an associated topic is encouraged.

Students are welcomed and appreciated in the Pediatric Radiology section.

Note: B2/ Students must engage in the type of clinical care carried out by the clinicians practicing in this field but may not have direct patient care as a major feature of the elective.
Location:  UMMHC-University Campus, 55 Lake Avenue North, Worcester, MA  01655