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Research & Service Opportunities

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1. Pathway Programs (CTRP & GHP)

a. Clinical Translational Research Pathway (CTRP)
In 2007 the University of Massachusetts Medical School launched a new pathway to introduce methods and concepts in clinical/translational research.
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b. Global Health Pathway (GHP)
The Global Health Pathway (GHP) is a competitive, four-year curriculum that trains and supports medical students to be future leaders and providers in global health.
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2. Research & Curriculum Exploration Programs (RCE)

Research and Curriculum Exploration Summer Program
The UMMS students partner with faculty on curriculum or research lasting at least 4-weeks, stipend provided.

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2022 Project Catalog

a. Focus On Curriculum
UMMS students have the opportunity to work for pay with faculty to develop new curriculum during the summer months.

b. Focus on Research
Faculty mentors provide projects on which SOM students work for pay during an 8-week period in the summer after their first medical school year at UMMS.

3. Community Health Assistantship Program (CHA)

Summer Service-Learning Assistantship Program
Coordinated in conjunction with the department of Family Medicine and Community Health, the Summer Service-Learning Assistantship Program offers rising second-year medical students the opportunity to work    in a wide variety of community-based health, educational and human service organizations across the Commonwealth during the summer months. 
To view examples of prior students’ work and poster sessions click here


Senior Scholars Program
The Senior Scholars Program provides an opportunity for scholarly activities for fourth year Medical Students.

COVID-19 update:  Any student whose summer placement has been impacted by changes related to physical distancing required to combat COVID-19 should talk with the PI to determine if valuable virtual work can be conducted in lieu of the original project.  If this is not feasible, we will work with you to identify another opportunity.  Please contact to update her regarding your project if a change is required.

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