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Pagers (UMass Chan Students Only)

General Information:
Pager requests are handled through the Communication Technologies Department and the Office of Student Affairs, S1-400, who will provide the pagers to the Clerkship Administrators.

  • Pager Fees
    • Replacement fee (lost or stolen): $75.00

Students on Core Clinical Experiences:

  • Students who are required to have a pager while on their Core Clinical experience will be provided a pager distributed by the Clerkship Administrator. 

Advanced Studies Students:

  • Advanced Studies students who are required to have a pager while on a Required Subinternship will be provided a pager distributed by the Administrator. 

Student Pager Acceptance Agreement:

Student will be held responsible for the loss, and/or damage to the pager assigned from the Clerkship Coordinator while in possession. The pager remains the property of UMass Chan.

Student MUST return the pager to the Clerkship Coordinator by the last day of the rotation.

There is a $75 lost/damaged fee that the student will be assessed for any pager that is not returned or that is damaged beyond repair. This fee is the student's responsibility.

Student understands that failure to return this pager will result in an 'Incomplete' grade on the clerkship rotation until the student has returned the pager or paid the lost/damaged fee.

       pager image

    Debra Leger
    Administrative Assistant