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Medicine Elective Course Description

Course Name: Cardiology
Course Number: ME-406
Elective Type: B1 

Colleen Harrington, MD

Contact: Janie LaRochelle,

Department: Medicine
Sites Available: UMMHC-University Campus
Months Offered: E1 - M10
Number of Students / Month: 3

Completion of Medicine Clerkship 

Elective Description: The purpose of this elective is to provide students with an opportunity to learn basic clinical cardiology in the setting of a consultation service. Inpatient consultations are seen by the students, residents, cardiology fellows, and attending staff. Cases are reviewed on daily teaching rounds, which include an emphasis on history-taking in cardiac disease, physical diagnosis, as well as diagnostic testing and cardiac therapeutics. Students will be expected to evaluate inpatient consultations and present the cases on daily rounds. Students may be assigned to participate in the ward cardiology service,as well as the heart failure service. Daily Cardiology conferences are held. Opportunities to learn EKG interpretation as well as to evaluate cardiac hemodynamics are provided. Students will make a brief presentation regarding a pertinent case, including literature review. Decision making based on guidelines and evidence based medicine is emphasized. Opportunities for nutrition counseling, outpatient general and congenital cardiac clinics, ECHO, nuclear, cath lab and EP lab experience are available as well as teaching of basic statistics. 

Please Note:  Except under extenuating circumstances, cancellation or withdrawal is discouraged because of the demand for this elective and our policy that we do not like to refuse or decline applications for this elective. 

Location: UMMHC-University Campus